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Lot 65: Inspector John J Fadoozle Marionette
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Auction Date:5/31/2002 9:00 PM EST
Propman Scott Brinker made this important puppet from the U.S. show by refashioning Velma Dawson’s second original Howdy Doody head. Hence, this is also the second Howdy Doody! The third wooden citizen of Doodyville, he appeared in 1948. His specialty was finding two kinds of people, those that were missing and those that have to be found. He is in absolutely marvelous condition and all original. He features an animated mouth and rare individually working eyes for winking. His Sherlock Holmes style deerslayer hat, coat with cape and hand-painted two color winged-tip wood shoes are wonderfully detailed and so apropos. He even has his original famous clue seeking magnifying glass. Featured throughout the run of the TV show, this Doodyville Detective will always be “America’s Number One - Boi-i-i-ngg - Puh-rivate Eye!”
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