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Lot 860: Kenny King 1983 Los Angeles Raiders Super Bowl XV111 Ring
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Auction Date:6/28/2013 9:00 PM EST
This 1983 Super Bowl ring is a piece of football history and a must-have for any Raiders or Super Bowl collector! Belonging to former Raiders starting running back Kenny King, this intricate ring is in excellent condition and serves as a celebratory reminder of Los Angeles' 38-9 victory over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII. The diamonds in the ring, many of which have been replaced since their removal during financially-challenging times, number 23 in total and are all located on the face of the ring. Above the diamonds, "Los Angeles Raiders" is etched in 14-carat gold against a black background, and "World Champions" is found engraved in the same manner beneath. Each side of the ring features attention-grabbing inscriptions, with one side reading "SUPERBOWL XVIII" at the top, followed by the final score, "Raiders 38, Redskins 9" carved between an etching of the Lombardi Trophy. Underneath that, the words "AFC Champions" can be found above a large AFC logo, surrounded on one side by "Raiders 30" and, on the other, by "Seahawks 14," a nod to the final score of the 1983 AFC Championship game. Beneath that, the word "PRIDE" can be found in large, black lettering above the year, "1983," spelled out in the shape of a football. On the other side of the ring, "K. KING" is etched in large, white-gold lettering at the top, followed underneath by "BACK," an acknowledgement to King's position and, to the right of that, King's number, "33," can be found. Beneath that, a large, beautifully detailed Raiders shield dominates this side of the ring and, at the bottom tip of this shield, the inscription "POISE" can be found in black letters, perfectly mirroring the word "POISE" on the ring's other side. Finally, "1983," written in the shape of a football, is found at the bottom in the exact fashion as it is presented on the other side. In addition to being a tangible reminder of the third Raiders championship, this ring also is a reminder of Super Bowl legend Kenny King, who three years earlier established a Super Bowl record with an 80-yard touchdown reception in Super Bowl XV against the Philadelphia Eagles. This record stood for 16 years until it was broken by Antonio Freeman in Super Bowl XXXI, as he hauled in an 81-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre. Made by Lenox, this size-11 ring has been resized to fit its current owner. The inside of the ring has the Lenox insignia, 14K stamp. This item is accompanied by a copy of a photograph depicting the current owner with Kenny King, as well as an original, hand-signed, four-frame photograph of Kenny King setting the record for longest reception in a Super Bowl.
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