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Lot 361: Two Original Brooklyn Bum Drawings by Willard Mullin
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Auction Date:6/24/2011 9:00 PM EST
These two original Willard Mullin drawings of the Brooklyn Bum were both published. The first piece, featuring the Bum and Dodgers manager Walter Alston comes with the original page from the March 17, 1954 issue of The Sporting News in which it appeared. "Startin' ya own auter-biography, huh!" says the Bum. "O.K... Leave me read it ovah ya shouldah... But don't put in no big woids... and don't go writin' no LETTERS to nobody neither!" The second piece shows the Brooklyn Bum with his arm around blanket-wrapped Indian captioned "Braves 0 and 11 with the Dodgers." The Bum is saying "Pals, huh, Patchy ol' buddy. I'd like t'take yez home an' keep yez all season... jus' f'r me-self!" Both pieces are signed by Mullin and feature editing marks.
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