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Lot 369: The Yankee Stadium Drain Pipe Cover That Destroyed Mickey Mantle’s Career
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Auction Date:12/4/2009 9:00 PM EST
UPDATE: The diameter of the drain cover is 10"
Next to the Yankee Stadium Facade, the most important Yankee Stadium artifact we have had the pleasure to offer. This drain pipe cover is one of six that was on the field that day in Yankee Stadium when Mickey Mantle’s career was horribly changed forever. In Game 2 of the 1951 World Series on a ball stroked by Willie Mays, Mickey held up in deference to centerfielder Joe DiMaggio and tripped on the drain pipe cover destroying the ligaments in his knee. With it went the promise of a career that could have gone on to lengths beyond what he accomplished while forever being wrapped in bandages and permanently hobbled. In beautiful cast iron and original black paint, this circular cover is a marvelous figural "NY" Yankees logo. Comes in a nifty lucite display with image of the act itself. We can never be sure if this is the exact one that did the dirty deed, but we do know there is a one in six chance that it is, and more importantly this is the only one known to exist.
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