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Lot 335: 1980's-90's Boxing Posters with Ali vs. Holmes (6 total)
Winning Bid:
Auction Date:6/30/2008 9:00 PM EST
1) Framed 24 x 36'' poster for the Muhammad Ali / Larry Holmes fight on October 2nd, 1980. A nice colorful piece of Leroy Neiman artwork. 2) 22 x 28'' poster for the "Sugar" Ray Leonard v Tommy "Hitman" Hearns fight on June 12, 1989. 3) 22 x 28'' poster for the Mike Tyson v Tillman & Geroge Foreman v Rodrigues fights on June 16, 1990. 4) 22 x 28'' poster for the Evander Holyfield v George Foreman fight on April 19, 1991. 5) 17 x 28'' poster for the Marvelous Marvin Hagler v Roberto Duran fight on November 10th. 6) 13 x 16'' poster for the Ray "Boom Boom" Mancino v Kenny "Bang Bang" Bogner & Davey Moore v Roberto Duran fights. A Frank Sinatra photo advertising his concernt is also featured on the poster. All the posters show light to moderate wear and rate EX-MT or better.
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