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Lot 366: Martin Dihigo Letter
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Auction Date:6/26/2005 9:00 PM EST
Martin Dihigo, a pre-integration Hall of Famer and perhaps Cuba's greatest player, was no one-dimensional character. As great as he was on the field, he had a wide perspective of life, and in his post-baseball life the gregarious Dihigo became Cuba's Minister of Sports. In this revealing 1938 letter (EX), Dihigo writes from his Mexican League outpost on Veracruz's "Aguila" stationery about how grateful he is for being accepted into the Masons, and how his studies are coming along. Grasping large, important books is difficult, but he is doing his best, he says in Spanish. Dihigo signs (8/10) at the bottom of the 8 1/2- by 11-inch paper as simply "Martin." To Cubans, that is the only name necessary. He played every position well for the Negro Leagues' New York Cubans, once beat Satchel Paige in an epic match up, and resides in the Hall of Fame of every professional league he played in, including Cooperstown. The note provides a fascinating glimpse into his life off the "black diamond."
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