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Lot 1984: Huge Collection of 1969/70 and 1970/71 Topps Basketball
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Auction Date:12/19/2004 9:00 PM EST
Huge hoard of 1969/70, 1970/71, and 1976/77 Topps basketball cards. There is a 1969/70 Topps basketball set which is lacking four cards; 1 Chamberlain, 20 Havlicek, 35 Baylor, and 90 West. This near complete set averages EX-MT to NRMT. The checklist is marked in pencil. There are (212) extra 1969/70 Topps with stars that average mostly EX. There are four complete 1970/71 Topps basketball sets of 175 cards each. The first set has 115 ungraded cards and 60 graded. (1) PSA 9 st #12. (42) PSA 8 with #113 Baylor All-Star, 114 Robertson All-Star, 125 Bing, 173 Chamberlain, etc. (11) PSA 7 with #100 Robertson, etc. (6) PSA 6 with #13 Riley rookie, 75 Alcindor, etc. The balance of the ungraded cards in the first set average EX to EX-MT. The second set has (13) PSA cards and is mostly EX to EX-MT. The third and fourth complete sets are all ungraded and average mostly EX to EX-MT. A fifth set is only missing #123 Maravich and there are three more sets each missing 20 cards or less each. There are also an incredible (2,155) extra 1970/1971 Topps cards (no Maravich). All of the extra 1970/1971’s range from mostly EX to NRMT and average EX-MT. There are at least three complete 1976/77 Topps basketball sets of 144 cards each. We’re sure more sets could be made because there are an additional 2,000+ extra cards. There are (77) graded PSA cards including (5) “9s and (38) “8s including some stars. Most of the 1976/77’s are from vending and average NRMT to NM-MT. An incredible hoard of early Topps basketball cards. Good break-up value.
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